The Value of Having an Integrated SCADA System


Cloud-based SCADA is versatile because it is likely faster, may include more features without additional charges and likely integrates far more readily. Average poll time with a modern polling engine incorporated into Cloud-based SCADA is less than six seconds. It also therefore provides alerts and trending information quicker.

Cloud-based SCADA may include features for which some on-premises SCADA companies typically charge you extra to develop and incorporate into your system.  Listed below are features we at AccuTrac5, a cutting-edge Cloud-based SCADA provider, include at no extra charge to our customers:

  • Calibration and analysis scheduling and report record keeping.
  • Plunger controls.
  • Valve controls.
  • Remote emergency shut down.
  • Predictive analysis.
  • Ready for easy integration with off-the-shelf and homegrown applications.

You can see that our Cloud-based SCADA system is versatile and includes necessary features at no extra cost, but what really makes it a more affordable SCADA option?  When you consider the cost of our Cloud-based SCADA system compared to an on-premises SCADA system here is a list of potential savings for your company:

  • You avoid all brick and mortar cost of facilities needed for the SCADA system.
  • You avoid the cost of the servers and the server applications.
  • You avoid the cost of IT staff to maintain the servers.
  • You avoid paying a person with the SCADA system to sit in your office.
  • You avoid buying separate applications that are included with our Cloud-based SCADA.
  • You avoid wasted time waiting on that old SCADA system to respond.
  • You avoid most of the cost to integrate the SCADA system with your regulatory reporting, production accounting and financial accounting systems.

Without the included features and fully integrated systems, you don’t have a comprehensive solution that allows the robust collaboration your company needs to achieve its purpose. You might get there but it will be harder and it will take longer at a potentially higher cost.

If you are ready to begin the move to Cloud-based SCADA, one of the very best solutions on the market is AccuTrac5, We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate what a difference our Cloud-based SCADA system can make for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us,

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