Modern SCADA – More Accessible, Easy to Use

Does your SCADA system look old and tired? Does it function like a modern application? Is it easy to learn? Is it fast? Is it intuitive like a mobile phone app? Can you even access it with your phone? Here are some clues you might not have a modern cloud-based SCADA system:

Poor Accessibility:

1) You can’t access your SCADA system from your smart phone or tablet;

2) You have to use terminal server to use it. For perspective, terminal server was introduced in August 2006. Twenty years ago! Would you use a twenty-year-old computer or cell phone?

3) Your average poll time exceeds five seconds. The latest polling technology is much faster too. Your current vendor may not have bothered to stay up-to-date.

4) You can’t upgrade to Windows 10 because of your SCADA system requirements. Again your current vendor’s old fashioned approach and failure to continue to develop their SCADA system is affecting you.

Poor Usability:

1) It is difficult to learn/use. You have to take multiple classes to learn to use it because it was not intuitively laid out. Training time costs money too. Weren’t you busy already?

2) It is slow. It takes a long time to do anything including polling.

3) It takes more than 3 mouse clicks to find the information.

4) It is so difficult to use that you have to pay for someone from the SCADA vendor to sit in your office. Modern SCADA systems don’t require you to pay for an extra person because the system is too difficult for the user to use.


1) How often does Microsoft release a Windows update? A potential vulnerability is created with each new release because your SCADA system may have a security gap created with the Windows operating system and the installed SCADA system. With a modern SCADA system that is cloud-based, this potential problem doesn’t exist because it is web-based.


When you are ready to upgrade, request a demo of AccuTrac5.  AccuTrac5 is a modern cloud-based SCADA system.

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