Modern SCADA Eliminates Stress Over the Oil and Gas Hiring Gap

modern scadaTimes are changing and so is the oil and gas industry.  Are you having difficulty finding younger workers to replace your retiring employee base?  This is a trend called the “great crew change” and it has not missed the oil and gas industry.  Luckily, for oil and gas operations that have moved to a modern SCADA system this isn’t going to pose as big of a problem.

Baby boomers and traditionalists versus the millennials

As baby boomers and traditionalists begin to retire, the industry is going to have to work to find ways to attract the millennials into the industry.  The knowledge and work ethic of these two generations vary so greatly that companies will have to find ways to attract the younger workers into the field and find ways to keep them there for the long haul.  The baby boomers and traditionalists tend to be hands on, have a conservative approach, work well with direct supervision and are very loyal. They start a career and stick with it until retirement time.  Millennials, on the other hand, are more often multi-taskers, risk-takers, want a more flexible schedule, and lean toward technology as a career.  They are not afraid to change careers many times during their lives.  The millennials fit right into the modern SCADA workforce.  They are ready to jump into new technology and be a part of the wave of the future in oil and gas.

If you haven’t switched over yet, here are some ways the oil and gas industry is working to close the generational hiring gap.

Taking the oil and gas industry to college

Many companies are offering programs to allow students to learn on a full or part time basis during the summer months when they are on a break from college.  Some companies are even allowing students to work on a part time basis during the school year while learning how to create a career in oil and gas.  Both of these programs help seek candidates who show promise as future employees.  There is no better way to see how someone fits in than by supervising as they do the job.  It also helps to create interest and knowledge for a younger generation of workforce by introducing them to a field they may not have considered otherwise.

Attracting young talent

Industry leaders are providing college seminars and classes to bring awareness to different job opportunities in the oil and gas industry to the students at different colleges.  They are also putting together social media events that bring attention to the industry in a format that attracts the younger age group they are seeking out.  The millennials are all about technology and social media helps draw a great deal of attention to the industry.

Finding a gem in military hires

Younger adults leaving the military are also being recruited as oil and gas specialists.  They have the perfect background to be successful in the industry.  They work under harsh conditions, use an abundance of technology, and have the skills to keep communication going at all times under many difficult circumstances.  These are all skills that will make a great employee in the oil and gas industry.

Implementing modern SCADA systems

Another way to work toward solving this industry issue is to implement a modern SCADA system.  Today’s SCADA systems streamline processes that can eliminate the need to hire new staff. In fact, our cloud based SCADA solution, AccuTrac5, doesn’t require an onsite administrator like many older systems do. And because you can access AccuTrac5 from any location on any device, your employees are more productive than ever before.

Contact AccuTrac Technologies to learn more about our cloud-based SCADA, AccuTrac5.

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