Ensuring Accuracy with AccuTrac5 SCADA System for Oil and Gas

cloud based SCADAWhen you use AccuTrac5, a cloud based SCADA system for oil and gas, you have the ability to pinpoint exceptions and deliver greater accuracy in your data. The system’s calibration and analysis tracking and scheduling is integrated into the system at no extra cost. That is something other SCADA providers can’t say.

Solving Data Inconsistencies with SCADA Integration

Why is this important? Consider what happens when your transporter’s statement doesn’t match your own report. How do you determine which is correct? How do you make sure that you receive the funds you deserve? If your lease or pipeline operator is using AccuTrac5’s input system or has full SCADA integration with your purchaser/transporter, you will receive a quick alert to the issue.  With the cloud based SCADA system’s data tracking, you will know when the problem began. You may even see that the problem coincided with the most recent service of equipment.

The next step in solving the problem is to drill down into the data. One common situation is that the gas analysis is inaccurate and inconsistent. This inconsistency may come from the method that was used for gas analysis.

When your flow computer calculates your value (MMBtu), it uses your volume and quality as provided by your gas chromatograph. The accuracy of the value is only as good as the measurement. Your natural gas analysis may have come from one of three sources: a scheduled spot analysis, a composite sampler, or an on-site chromatograph. When everything is functioning correctly, the on-site chromatograph produces the most accurate record. Let’s look at each system more closely and where the inaccuracies may occur.

Gas Analysis Methods Have Different Levels of Accuracy

A scheduled spot analysis is like taking a photograph. It only captures a moment in time. As a result, it can only produce an approximation of your gas quality. This is because Btu is effected by pressure. It is important to know if the pressure at the time of the sample was the normal operating pressure. Perhaps the flow was lower or higher than normal when the spot sample was taken. The scheduled spot analysis will be based on the pressure at the time of the sample.

The composite sampler is like looking at a collage. This sample is taken as instructed by the flow computer. While the additional samples make it more accurate than a scheduled spot analysis, it is still a collection of moments captured in time. All of the same pressure issues affect the quality of the results.

The on-site chromatograph is like a motion picture. This product produces the most accurate record of gas quality as it uses and produces real-time data. The difference in accuracy between these methods may be from 0.5% to 2%. If your volume is high enough that 0.5% to 2% makes a significant difference in your profitability, you should consider moving to an on-site chromatograph like the ABB NGC8206.

ABB Natural Gas Chromatograph, NGC8206

The ABB Natural Gas Chromatograph, NGC8206, is an on-site chromatograph that is compact, modular, and affordable. Because it can be installed either on or very close to the sample probe site, it can help reduce transport times and lower operating costs. It is easier to implement and requires considerably less time, money, and effort than traditional gas chromatographs.

The NGC8206 can be maintained by personnel with little to no prior knowledge of gas chromatography which helps lower your overall maintenance expenses. Because many of these sampler sites are in remote areas, the NGC8206 is designed to operate on very little power and can be solar powered. Its integrated stream-switching system enables the NGC8206 to perform automatic calibrations that further reduce maintenance needs.

The resulting natural gas analysis can be output to third-party software systems offering real-time data to optimize performance as well as historical data for custody transfers. Coupled our cloud based SCADA system, AccuTrac5, it provides a robust and effective system for providing quality data so that you can maximize your profitability.

Pursuing Accuracy and Quality in Your Oil and Gas Operations

The pursuit of quality in natural gas measurement is never-ending. Higher quality produces optimized operations, less downtime, more accurate data and lower costs. Using high-quality products that help achieve these goals is paramount for oil and gas companies.

When you want to ensure that you are getting the highest quality data and being paid what you deserve, consider AccuTrac5 and on-site chromatography. Learn more by contacting AccuTrac Technologies.

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