Do You Need a Decision Support Center to Leverage Your Data?

There is a lot of talk about big data these days including how much data there is to manage and manipulate. The stated goals include increased production and reduced costs. Some are calling these big data handling centers, Decision Support Centers. The decisions may relate to drilling, completion or production. The idea is to have a team of experts making the decisions for many more locations than they could in a decentralized model. Since the data is current, more impact can be made to control costs and maximize production.
The second pillar of the argument for the centralized Decision Support Centers is that such a center is able to use predictive analytics. So, your team is essentially deciding the optimal outcome and predicting the obstacles to the optimal outcome. You may be using big data to avoid obstacles to optimal outcome by replacing measurement and automation equipment after seven years of service as the bathtub longevity curve suggests.
However, this is only one approach to improvement and it is definitely a centralized approach and an expensive approach. Big data won’t necessarily tell you that a difficult surface owner is not above turning off the compressor if he is having a big shindig. There are many things the decentralized staff know that are difficult to squeeze into big data. You don’t have to be sitting in a Decision Support Center to make use of big data. With a modern cloud-based SCADA system your data is where you are on any internet capable device. You can still have an expert team of decision makers without having them sit in the same room. A well-managed team will produce the desired results.
With a modern cloud-based SCADA system your data is as current as your communication network allows. Please remember modern SCADA systems don’t use that old outdated polling engine that takes forever to respond. If it is taking more than five seconds to respond, you need to ask yourself if the problem is with the old-fashioned SCADA system or the communications network. Whether the decision maker is constrained to a Decision Support Center or free to roam, they only have so much time to focus on the issues and poll delays waste valuable time and inevitably lead to breach of concentration while waiting on the data.
Which approach do you think has the lowest upfront cost? Please contrast the large data and control center with its IT support staff, servers, software licenses and facility costs with the cloud-based SCADA without any of these costs. With Cloud-based SCADA you pay for what you use. If you sell a field your cost per site isn’t spread to the other sites with Cloud-based SCADA. With reporting solutions like IBM’s Cognos your team will be able to achieve predictive analysis.
The centralization vs decentralization decision is in part about your organizational style. However, there is a monetary element as well. Can you demonstrate that additional savings will be achieved with the more expensive centralization approach? Will the current budgetary climate even consider a centralized approach? Most likely the experts you would use are already on your team. You are just deciding where they sit.
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