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Discover how our cloud based SCADA solution has helped these companies achieve true success

Cloud-based-SCADASauder Management Company Improves Operations Flow with AccuTrac5

Suader Management Company, a family owned oil & gas company needed a streamlined method to automate their well sites. Because of the online and mobile functionality, Sauder was excited about AccuTrac5 and what it could provide, but did it deliver the desired results? Find out here.

Synergy Resources Corporation

oil-and-gas-flow-measurement-success-storySynergy implemented a oil and gas flow measurement system however, after the test installation they realized they chose the wrong product. The software was not installed to industry standards and could not be customized to their needs therefore this company found themselves at a complete loss. With some specialized processing requirements, they were excited about the flow measurement they saw in AccuTrac5’s cloud based SCADA solution and decided to test it out. Did AccuTrac5 deliver? Click here to find out.

AccuTrac5 Helps Texas-Based Oil Company Drill into Untapped Efficiency

SCADA-SystemsAs a seller of the raw gas that eventually ends up in homes around Texas, the family-owned oil and gas company is the source for many gas pipelines in the area and relies on a SCADA system to track the production of 80 of their operated wells.  Their previous SCADA system, however, did not provide them with the information they needed to solve problems quickly and efficiently.Getting month-end numbers and knowing how much each well produced was a nightmare, and because it was all manual, the entire process was extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. After approaching their SCADA provider about the problems they were experiencing, they realized they needed a new SCADA system and their search led them to AccuTrac5. Click here to find out if AccuTrac5 helped them tap into unreached potential.


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