Consider All the Costs When Selecting a SCADA System

When do you start shopping for a replacement car or even a first car? Is it the day you go to the dealer or the online listings? Is that when you started, or is it when you started doing research.  Was it when the car wouldn’t do its job?

Have you ever been car shopping and noticed a long list of options that you are charged for to get the car the way you want it? There was a time when anti-lock brakes, which are a good thing, cost extra. You can’t help but think, they should have included that in the original price.

When you are selecting a SCADA system, it is important to understand what is included in that great price the salesperson keeps talking about. Oh yes Mr. Customer we have that feature included in this package, however there will be a cost increase. Shouldn’t that have been included?  Aren’t most of the customers trying to do most of the same things? Aren’t we trying to maximize production and minimize cost? Why leave features out? Maybe so they can upcharge Mr. Customer.

Let’s talk about some features that should be included in the price. Plunger and valve controls are either not included or not even available in most SCADA systems.  We all know most producers use plunger and valve controls.  Seems odd to leave it out.

To be fair almost every SCADA system out there does not include integrated calibration and analysis record keeping and scheduling. But one cutting edge SCADA provider does include this feature for no extra charge.

Sometimes a feature may be present but it is inferior. A modern SCADA system will have superior polling and collection speed, require less bandwidth, be more intuitive to use, have more configurable alarms as well as alerts, and will utilize the latest technology available.

If you like better and more included at a great price, check out AccuTrac5, We would be happy to demonstrate our SCADA system in your field or pipeline.

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