A New Year to Try New Things

2017 is here. Many people make resolutions to eat better, exercise more or lose weight. A friend of mine made a resolution in 2016 to try new things and go new places. He tried tons of new things and had a great year. What new things might you want to try in 2017?

When looking at a potential game changer like a modern cloud-based SCADA system, it is sometimes in your best interest to try it out on a field or pad instead of jumping into the entire group of producing properties or pipeline locations company wide. Wouldn’t you like to try it before you buy it? Here are some potential benefits of dipping your toe in the water instead of jumping in:

  • Getting to know the SCADA vendor team before a major implementation;
  • Finding out for yourself that the promised features are in place and working;
  • Finding out whether you even like the SCADA system;
  • Having the ability to show management or ownership a working product instead of a demo;
  • Having a better idea of any modifications needed to the SCADA system;
  • Being able to customize reports to your needs without the pressure of full implementation;
  • Trying the functionality from your smart phone and tablet;
  • Becoming familiar with the automation controls before full implementation;
  • Maybe you need to find out if SCADA is even right for your firm.

Would you buy a new car without test driving it? Why would you buy a new SCADA system without trying it out? An older sales model required you to buy it before you try it. That may have been necessary in the past with all the server requirements of an old fashioned SCADA system. However, with modern cloud-based SCADA it is not necessary. You absolutely can take a test drive before you buy it.

If you are ready to test drive your new SCADA system, please contact sales@AccuTrac5.com

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